Welcome to the Global Network for Systematic Health Care.

Health is a common want of all people on earth, and everyone wants the best health care available, when needed. This is a global network of people who share the goal of providing the best conditions for health care including the way for acquiring and maintaining clinical skill. Since this network was founded in 2003, many changes have taken place in the world. Our primary scope of concern, however, remains health oriented care and personal safety.

In the view of the editors of this website, the primary role of a website is to make concepts and realities that exist in particular localities or regions available for global use. This requires a set of globally accepted symbols. Since the set of 10 digits (0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9) are used worldwide, we propose to use them in this website as the basis for global communication. We propose to use the 10 digits not only in print form, but also to assign one sound to each digit, so that the digits can be understood in global communication both in print and auditory form. We propose licensing of health care personnel at "Open Exchange Bloc" level as the first step toward licensing at the global level.

We welcome feedback, including sound criticism and counter-proposals from those who share the same interests with us.