Global Network for Systematic Health Care

Members of this network are dedicated to a global health care system*

Introduction to the 2014 update:

This is a 10 year update after this website ( of the global network for systematic health care was posted in 2003. For the past decade, major changes took place in the global society and tech, including progress of Free Trade Blocs that was started by the European Union. It is likely that ASEAN will extend membership from the original 10 members to include China, Japan, India and other East and South Asia nations with their huge poplulations and high quality tech. In response to such changing circumstance in the global map, the website editors decided to update the website.

Our stance has been consistent. Our primary scope of concern remains health oriented care and personal safety. In a broader sense 'care' can be given by any one to those who need it, but we address issues/problems associated with licensed health care personnel only in this website. Our focus is on health-oriented care, however, this website also deals with care that is not health oriented including hospis care for terminally ill patients.

We propose FTB (free trade bloc) licensing of health care personnel as the first step toward global licensing. People can now easily share their expertise and knowledge in networks of free (no cost) global communication. We must choose knowledge that fits with the times we live in with future potentials in humanity. We welcome feedback including sound criticism and counter-proposals from those who share the same interest with the systematic care net.

Global Knowledge Framework (GKF)*
is the key to norms for the global health care system

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Global Network for Systematic Health Care

Problems the members face
to reach the global goal*

  • Government rules
  • Professional schools
  • Professional terms
  • Product based habits
  • Global-local commerce

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