20 Paths from local to global health care

With the advent of technology including the internet, it is now possible to shift from a nation-based path to a glocal path with regard to health care.  The goal of the glocal health care system is the direct linkage of local and global health care so that local care facilities can have access to global resouces, thus improving the quality, availability and safety of health care and minimizing the waste of human effort and resources.  This system is openly appraisable and reviewable and can benefit everyone on Earth with health problems.

Treatment technology and skill can include all levels of care from low risk body problems treated by general practitioners to high risk referral-based procedures treated by certified specialists.

Digital patients' records from each facility is directly collected and pooled in a global database that identifies the glocal health care system as separate from nation-governed health care.

We propose approaching the above goal by re-orienting the education of health personnel and/or medical clinicians toward a system of licensing at a multinational level, as the first step toward global licensing.