11 Three Knowledge Bases (kb1,2,3)

The GKF is classified in 3 knowledge bases called kb1, 2, and 3.  Knowledge is a block of information that provides the means to appraise broader scopes of information. Kb1, 2 and 3 serve as bases for assembling knowledge and clinical abilities to satisfy requirements of licensing boards in ministries of health for certified health professionals.  All terms needed for health records and clinical skill manuals for global use are included in kb1, 2 and3.

3 Knowledge Bases "kb1" "kb2" "kb3"
- for blobal health care - (100114-170605)

1. Human body and its conditions
1.1 Body, body parts and functions    
1.2 Body disorders    
2. Criteria and recorded indications for health care
2.0 Digital scales for appraisals of health care    
2.1 Self/community care information/vending    
2.2 Clinical and field procedures    
2.3 Functions of technology and time data    
2.4 Procedure steps    
2.5 Clinical and field studies with data    
3. pd clinical skill programs Skill compatible settings
3.0 Human centered derivations 3.00 Body segment positions
3.1 Positions, contacts, views 3.01 Human space
3.2 Basic control tests - 3D accuracy 3.02 Human weight supports
3.3 Skill transfers from 3.2 3.03 Instruments, holders, layouts
3.4 Role sims 3.04 Controls, switches, sensors, lights
3.5 Clinical patient care 3.05 0-9 IT-computer-eye-finger-ear links
3.6 Communication 3.06 Instrument, material storage
    3.07 Exposed tubing, wires
    3.08 Positioning devices
    3.09 Clinic administration rules and laws