About us

History of this website and its  founder:

Speed of IT science and technology has been exponentially increasing, since the first computer program was made in early 1950s. The first website was made by a developer of websites in 1990s, in which he posted information on how to make websites. The website www.systematiccare.net was posted in 2003 as one of early ones on a global subject.

The Global Network for Systematic Health Care was established by Dr Daryl Beach (1926 Feb. 12 - 2016 Oct. 29) based on global norms and worldwide on-line communication. The kick-off meeting with interested parties was held in Thailand on Feb. 8-10, 2003. About 80 people from 11 countries participated in this meeting, including deans and faculty members and students of health care schools, practicing clinicians, and engineers in health care industry. More than 50 health care clinicians worldwide were registered as founding members including current and retired deans and administrators of health care schools and institutes.

Beginning in the 1960s many writers and speakers have presented a concept identified with Dr. Daryl Beach DMD and conducted courses for treatment systems based on it. The concept centers on the positions, movements, contacts and discomfort that we sense within our bodies as both providers and receivers of care. The scope of concern includes derivation of all acts, space and human interface with technology in clinics, hospitals or field care directed to desired outcome. The concept on which the health care system is based is widely called pd (proprioceptive derivation) or dp (derivations from proprioception). During 1970s, the concept was applied to an information structure by linking pd/dp order with meanings of 0 (zero) and digital order.

Many thousands of health-oriented patient and clinic records of mouth care exist today in digital orders based on use of 0 and digits; ie. health=0, the human body=0, and the total parts of body systems or organs such as the nervous system, heart or dento-alveolar arches=0. These uses of 0 linked with digital scales provide the base for systematic patient and clinic records designed for worldwide use.

The concept 0 was born in the Hindu culture many centuries ago, but Daryl Beach was likely the first who tried to apply use of 0 with digits in health care records. He defined 0 as absence of need for care, ie. health, according to which all types of health care including surgical procedures can be classified in digital order. Daryl Beach also proposed to use spatial coordinates ZYX in this order with T (time) coordinate for health care records as well as skill acquisition.

Dr. Beach was a dentist by training, spent 7 years in a large US hospital in Japan with much time in surgery but he was dedicated to moving health care into the global public through a logic of skill and use of digital names including anatomy and procedures that are to be introduced by health care personnel.  Dr Beach passed away at the age of 90 on Oct.29, 2016.   The editors of this website will maintain this website, so that his legacy can be shared by those who are interested in achieving systematic health care for all people on earth.