10 Global Knowledge Framework (GKF)

GKF (Global Knowledge Framework) provides the global framework for

  1. Examination content that grants legal rights to health professionals to diagnose and treat patients, and to administrate health care facilities
  2. Health care records
  3. Clinical skill manuals

The GKF  provides a means for appraising all health care procedures, everything used for procedures and global terms for communication among professionals.

Proprioceptive derivation (pd) can serve as a global principle for health care procedures based on the proprioceptive use of all body parts.

The global terms we propose for health professionals are arranged in the numeric order, based on 0 concept, and linked with xyz coordinates.

The linkage of electronic photos and graphics with global terms facilitates four-dimension mental imagery that links time, space, vectors and other coordinates. This also minimizes language barriers, ie. dependence on language-based descriptions and need for translation.

In the 21st century, education for health care providers will be changing fast from classes in state accredited schools to website programs. The website programs designed for use in worldwide health facilities increase need for health care records and clinical skill manuals that are built in the GKF.

Glossary for GEPEC